Life is too short For bad coffee

What most people do is brew some folgers and hope no one notices

You can skip the embarrassment - never settle for good enough 

What’s worse is having no coffee and a low energy party

Humanity runs on coffee

Imagine if you had a pedalista barista in the room who cranks out top notch specialty coffee through a pedal-grinding spectacle guaranteed to wow

You need an extraordinary coffee experience


the coffee trike

The Buon Giorno Coffee Trike is a unique, highly innovative and fully integrated Velopresso, that combines great mobility and excellent espresso machinery with an ultra low-carbon, pedal-powered operation that requires no electricity. 

The result is a highly efficient, robust and humanized machine with a compact footprint – no motors, no noise – enlightened coffee ‘on the go’, perfect for city streets and piazzas, at exhibitions and events, in parks and markets – wherever people congregate.


How it works


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