The Experience

The Buon Giorno Coffee Trike is a mobile and sustainable pedal-powered coffeeshop, where the espresso is instantly ground with the pedals by my own energy! The result is coffee street theatre - an experience that sparks a childlike wonder and joy.

The Trike is operated by an 11 year coffee professional, the pedalista barista, with a passion for serving others, for crafting little cups of excellence and inspiring others to drink more coffee, ride bikes and think sustainably.

Guaranteed to drop the jaws of anyone and everyone in the vicinity.



The experience comes with as many espresso-based drinks as I can pedal at a capacity around 50 drinks per hour.

Everything is included; coffee, milk, cups, condiment bar, trash service, cleanup and even entertainment with the fun pedal-grinding element 😉.

The Coffee Trike Experience - 199/hr

Transportation and Setup - 99

Two Baristas (75 drinks per hour) - 99

Iced Drinks Service - 99

Batch Brewed Coffee Service - 99

Menu Items: Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Chai Tea Latte, Hot Chocolate

Event pricing depends on a few factors: desired menu items, expected number of guests and the location of your event.

The pricing listed is for a typical event based in Fort Worth. But I love to travel! Have an event somewhere else? Let’s talk!

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