The Coffee trike experience

A typical experience usually goes something like this... 

"Whoa what a great concept and design, can I have a cappuccino?"

Sure!  Then, I start pedaling to spin the grinder, and with the flick of my wrist the coffee is instantly crushed into a fine powder, all by my own energy. 

"Wow, that's so cool! Are you grinding the coffee by pedaling? I had no idea!"

Then I pull the espresso machine lever down, and as I release, the lever slowly and dramatically rises at it extracts the espresso. Then, the milk is textured with the full power of steam. The latte art is free-poured with a unique design.  Here you go!

"This is the best cappuccino I've ever had!"

The Trike is more than a vehicle to transport excellent espresso machinery - it's a show.  That's because of the first commercial pedal-powered espresso grinder in the world.  The burrs are capable of being pedaled at the same speed as an electric grinder.  There's no compromise for being electricity-free.   Pair that with a completely manual spring loaded lever espresso machine- no buttons to push.  The result is a 100% mechanical operation, no electricity whatsoever.  There is no need to worry about an outlet, a battery, or a generator - a mobile coffeeshop that can truly go anywhere, wowing and entertaining anyone nearby.

Thank you for the great experience! We are still hearing from faculty and staff about how much they enjoyed having you on campus.
— Melissa H.

World-class espresso

Italian espresso is the gold standard in the industry.  We use Italian espresso, because it's what every other espresso in world is compared to. It doesn't get better than this.  We roast every bean in-house, with 40 years of effort replicating the espresso found in Italy.  The style of espresso used is called "Inverno", which is named after the Four Seasons composition by Antonio Vivaldi.  It is also evocative of the espresso you'd find in northern Italy, in places like Florence or Milan, which is a balanced, smooth, nutty and rich with a velvety and buttery mouth-feel.  The espresso machine is critical to extract these qualities. The machine is reminiscent of the original lever-machines found in Italy in the 1940's and 50's. The spring loaded group-head exerts 130psi of force onto the espresso resulting in the craziest amount of crema, which is the sweet, caramelized, dense foamy goodness extracted from the non-soluble oils and fats of the coffee bean.

Pure. Espresso. Drama.



It's all about sustainability. This is the impetus behind the coffee trike - the motivation for starting this project. The term sustainability has become so ambiguous, but I simply mean practices that "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. To that end is our purpose. In order to make this happen; The trike requires no electricity and instead relies on human energy through pedal-powered operation (mostly fueled by burgers and beers).  I use 100% commercially compostable materials such as cups, lids, straws, napkins, sugar packets, and stir sticks to reduce the impact on our limited natural resources.  Everything that's not compostable is recyclable, resulting in a cyclical, zero waste system.  The coffee beans are sourced ethically and responsibly from around the world.  

The most sustainable cup of coffee in the world.